Visual Thinking Full-Day Course [english], MBK, fredag, 13. marts 2020

Key takeaways

Understand how to improve your handwriting.
Build your visual vocabulary of icons and learn how to create simple drawings that convey a complex meaning.
Learn how to turn from linear (verbal) thinking to create spacial models that tap into visual thinking.
Learn to apply the visual thinking skills to become awesome at sketchnoting, presenting, training and facilitating.
Have fun!

Join this in-depth full day class to get a visual thinking toolkit to communicate effectively with the use of simple images and diagrams to tackle challenging professional situations, align your stakeholders and team members, and make fast and impactful decisions. The training is tailored to the needs of people working with technology in their daily professional activity.
Learn more about the trainer here: 

fredag, 13. marts 2020, MBK, Visual Thinking Full-Day Course [english]

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