UX Meet & Greet at Make®, Make®, fredag, 11. oktober 2019

UX Meet & Greet is an opportunity to visit Make® and see what they actually do. 

NOTE: There's a 100 DKK No-Show-Fee!

Make® is a brand consultancy. They create, shape and build brands and experiences for organizations, large corporations and innovative start- and scaleups. Their UXers define, design and manage the production of digital experiences across channels for their clients.

Check them out here: 

When you arrive to make sure to get checked in by the CPHUX staff. Make sure to be there on time, we won't hold back the agenda for people who are late.
CPHUX makes a short presentation about what's new and happening.
A quick round where participants present themselves, and what they expect from the event.
Explain generally what Make® does and how the organization is structured.
We'll get a tour of the space and see how the environment is. Please ask Make® for permission to take pictures of their space and work hanging on the walls.
We'll see one case from Make® which has been selected to show the best how they work. Unless told otherwise, you're free to ask questions.
Advice will let you in on what they look for when hiring new employees.
Last chance to ask the presenter some questions. Please only ask questions that somewhat are relevant to others and not just for you.
We'll wrap up the event and there's usually time to network with both presenters, other participants, and others from Make®.
What can I bring to the event?
Bring your notebook, a pen, and your awesome self.
Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, let's save some trees.  
NOTE: There's a 100 DKK No-Show-Fee!
The event is free for CPHUX members (you can only be a member if you're a professional (or aspiring) in the digital design field. This will be checked before the event and if you're not a member we'll delete your ticket.
Non-members have to pay 50 DKK for their ticket.
Tickets can be refunded up to 1 day before the event. (Annoying limitation from Eventbrite.) We do accept that you sell your ticket to third parties, as long as they have written confirmation from the registered participant when being checked in at the door.
Cancellations can only be done through Eventbrite, writing the organizer is not a valid cancelation!
Cancel your ticket by going to the Desktop version of Eventbrite, log on, find your ticket and press Cancel Order. (That simple)
There's a 100 DKK NO-SHOW FEE for ALL participants.
If you don't show up you'll receive an email with further instructions. Note that after 2 No shows, you'll be blocked from our future event
By participating you automatically give CPHUX permission to take photos that may be used for Social Media purposes. In case you do not accept these terms, it is your responsibility to let the CPHUX staff know so we can respect your privacy.
CPHUX is the largest UX Community in Copenhagen. We bridge the gap between UX Designers and business. Create transparency around UX and unite the amazing designers which are in our eco-system. We support and embrace all UX initiative, so feel free to reach out for future collaboration.  

fredag, 11. oktober 2019, Make®, UX Meet & Greet at Make®

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