Show & Tell Night CPH #3, Founders HQ, onsdag, 16. oktober 2019

Sick of slick presentations and pitch events? So. Are. We. 
Show & Tell Night CPH is a community demo session inspired by the good people at Demodag and our own internal 'Beers, Peers, Cheers' events at Founders.
This is a monthly[ish] space for builders, hackers, developers and entrepreneurial peeps to show off new design concepts, prototypes, campaigns, features and hobby projects they have built. There are glitches, things don't always go to plan, but we have a good time and meet great people and cool projects along the way. 
1 meetup per month5[ish] x 7 minute demos per event
Founders teams + guestsCrowd of builders & makersSplendid views + delicious drinksNo presentations or sales pitches. You must show something live or launched.
17.00 - Arrive, drink, mingle17.30 - Demos + mini discussions18.30 - Drinks19.00 - Doors / drinks continue at Fermentoren next door
Apply to demo and we will get back to you ASAP to let you know if you got a spot this time!

onsdag, 16. oktober 2019, Founders HQ, Show & Tell Night CPH #3

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