Joynin now - host, find or join social events & happenings, Copenhagen, lørdag, 31. august 2019

The event ”Copenhagen all year round’”, is the foundation of the new event based socializing app, called Joynin, which just has hit the App Store! Introducing “Joynin now - host, find or join social events and happenings”.

Joynin is out now: htts://

In extension to the event page, Joynin will be your tool for hosting, finding and joining social events and happenings nearby - starting in Copenhagen!

We have taken on a sharing economy perspective on events and made it possible for everyone to become an eventmaker. This gives the private users as well as commercial eventmakers the opportunity to create and offer events, activities or happenings to EVERYONE within their area through an open forum: Joynin.

This means that the best of both worlds has been plugged into one app, so you easily can find and join private football tournaments, common fitness, local flea markets, plays, private parties, workshops, nightlife, food markets, big concerts etc. Or if you want; create your own event and invite others to Joynin.

See you out there!

lørdag, 31. august 2019, Copenhagen, Joynin now - host, find or join social events & happenings

**** Aåå38

**** Aåå38

tirsdag 24. december 2024
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