Employment Assistance Workshop – Everything you need to know to get ahead, Café Cadeau, torsdag, 14. november 2019

Finding a job in Copenhagen is not always easy – especially if you don’t speak Danish.

Welcome Group Consulting and NGO Café Cadeau, the most expat-friendly café in Copenhagen, have teamed up to hold monthly employment assistance workshops designed to help you find employment in Denmark.


The workshops will have a short 45-minute presentation about how to find an English speaking position & networking in DK; CV & Cover letter tips and suggestions; and how to create a great LinkedIn profile. After the presentation there is time to ask questions, and to network. There is free wi-fi, and cheap tea / coffee and snacks are available.


There is plenty of seating for you to create a relaxed work space, so you can utilise the information you receive and put it into practice.

Welcome Group Consulting offers specialist employment guidance for expats to help and support into employment. These workshops have been established to provide support and guidance for only 25DKK, to those that need a little help.

torsdag, 14. november 2019, Café Cadeau, Employment Assistance Workshop – Everything you need to know to get ahead

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