Digital solutions for making maritime operations safer (HSEQ) - Be part of an industry advisory board for a morning, Rainmaking at PIER47, fredag, 16. august 2019

Who is this for: People working with or responsible for maritime, logistics, port operations or HSEQ and interested in making the industry safer through digital solutions!

Join our advisory board session with fellow industry experts, where we will:

Share insights on how to identify potential solutions
Collectively identify potential future digital solutions
Get a better understanding of what solutions the industry should build

Maritime safety incidents and casualties are not decreasing and remain to be a challenge as well as on the top of the agenda for maritime executives. At the same time, digital technology today enables totally new scalable solutions that were not possible two years ago. Solutions that have the potential to help people and make operations more efficient and safe. 
The Maritime Studio initiative by Rainmaking and backed by the Danish Maritime Fund is hosting this event. The Studio, currently in the making, looks to help companies like yours and the industry to collectively create and own future digital solutions in order to solve the challenges that the industry and the world faces. 

Feel free to forward this to a relevant colleague if you believe he/she could benefit from taking part. 

08:30 AM - Registration + Coffee & Croissants
09:00 AM - Welcome
09:05 AM - Intro to Digital Safety Solutions: How to identify new solutions
09:15 AM - Solution Identification Session
10:00 AM - Presentation & Discussion of session findings
10:35 AM - Update on the Maritime Venture Studio by Rainmaking
10:45 AM - Wrap-up

We are looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, the 16th of August at Pier47!
We hope you can make it.

Rainmaking Transport

fredag, 16. august 2019, Rainmaking at PIER47, Digital solutions for making maritime operations safer (HSEQ) - Be part of an industry advisory board for a morning

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