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Digital Detox Cruises for 2020, Copenhagen, lørdag, 19. oktober 2019

Join Us and Get 3 in 1 at no additional cost to you over the current published cruise line's price:a cruise holiday +a digital detox challenge +a group of like-minded people= a Social Digital Detox Cruise Holiday

For 2020 the opportunities to join a selected group are:
- January 18 - 25: Dubai & The Emirates
- May 23 - 30: Mykonos and Santorini from/to Venice
- July 12 - 19: Mykonos and Santorini from/to Venice
- July 23 - 30: Western Mediterranean from/to Rome
- September 17 - 24: Western Mediterranean from/to Rome

- we form private groups and create a digital-free environment for them during their cruise holidays;- we help guests stay away from their devices and form a setting of mutual support among all while on board and ashore;- we ensure that family members, friends, and business associates have a 24/7 connection with the respective group member during the cruise in case of an emergency;- we select the cruise lines, ships, cabin categories, destinations, itineraries and period of travel;- we manage the cruise bookings, documentation and payments;- we accompany each digital-free private cruise group.- we open up a private Facebook group a month before each departure for guests to get to know each other and plan their shore trips and activities well in advance.The price of your Digital Detox Cruise holiday will be identical to the general sailing published on the cruise line’s website. The added value you are going to get will be at no extra charge to you:– you will join a group of like-minded people and enjoy opportunities to meet new fellow companions, have quality time off-line and establish future real-life friendships;– you will have daily access to a meeting space onboard where you can join others in board games, discuss plans for upcoming destinations along the itinerary, read a book, engage in conversations, or do nothing at all;– you will be able to join sports games and competitions organized by members of the group;– you will be able to join the social evening group dinners in a secluded area of the main restaurant;– you will receive an invitation and subsequent access to a private Facebook group, where you will meet your future group fellows and discuss plans for the cruise. This FB group will be activated a month before the date of info on DigitalDetoxCruise.com

lørdag, 19. oktober 2019, Copenhagen, Digital Detox Cruises for 2020

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