Copenhagen SEO Meetup, Founders House, torsdag, 24. oktober 2019

Let's get together and talk about all things SEO!
This is a recurring meetup for anyone who wants to learn from others, share their insights and engage with the local SEO community.Why should I attend?Because reading Neil Petel's blog is great, but it's not nearly as intersting (or as fun) as being in a room with a bunch of other marketers discussing SEO over a drink.Is it something for me?Everyone interested in the matter is welcome to join, although these events will mostly be interesting to people that already have a good understanding of online marketing and will I learn?Every meetup includes short presentations on a very specific topic (no fluff!) but also a general discussion among those attending. So if there is a specific topic you want to discuss, this is the place for you!
Join our first event! This is the agenda:

17:00 - Doors open
17:20 - Welcome + round of introductions
17:30 - 1st presentation: "SEO Reporting and Workflows" by Matthias Kupperschmidt
18:00 - 2nd presentation: topic to be announced soon!
18:20 - Discussion on topics brought up by anyone attending
18:40 - Community time (= time to grab a beer/soda)
19-ish - Time to say "Tak for i dag"

Do you have a topic that you want to discuss? Are you looking for feedback on a current project? We'll share a sheet prior to the event so that we'll make sure to cover all of your questions!

torsdag, 24. oktober 2019, Founders House, Copenhagen SEO Meetup

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