Certified Scrum at Scale Practitioner by Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen at MBK in Copenhagen, MBK, tirsdag, 22. oktober 2019

Certified Scrum at Scale Practitioner
In this 2-day Scrum@Scale® course, you will gain knowledge and skills to transform your entire organisation into an Agile enterprise. Learn how to apply Scrum development and product management skills across your organization to achieve business agility.

What Will You Learn?

In this highly interactive course, you will be taught to:

Understand how Scrum@Scale defines the minimal components needed for business agility
Assess how well your own organization implement these components using a scaling map
Create and prioritise a transformation Backlog to overcome impediments to scale the entire organization
Measure and improve key Scrum metrics at an Enterprise level
The responsibilities of enterprise leadership to enable business agility
How to leverage current Scrum implementation to achieve business agility
Understand when Scrum at the team level is ready to be scaled to achieve business agility
There will also be multiple opportunities for participant-driven Q&A sessions to explore Scrum@Scale in your context.

You will examine real-world case studies of the implementation of Scrum@Scale and I will also include my personal experiences from applying Scrum at Scale at clients.
The training is mostly based on use of flipcharts and exercises, and only a minimum of slides are presented. You can see some examples by clicking here.

See presentation from Scrum@Scale meetup at Simcorp on June 3rd, where Bent Myllerup and I presented a leadership and management context for Scrum@Scale: 

Scrum @ Scale Guide 

Jeff Sutherland introduces the Scrum@Scale framework as described in the open source Scrum@Scale Guide here: 

Jeff Sutherland explains what Scrum at Scale is in 2 min

What Will You Receive?

Two days of high-quality interactive instruction from Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen and Peter Fischbach, who both have been trained and certified by the co-creator of Scrum and creator of Scrum@Scale, Dr Jeff Sutherland.
A detailed workbook.
Awesome catering and lovely learning environment at MBK 
The certification includes a two-year membership at Scrum@Scale, where additional material and information are available.
Upon completion of this course and after passing the official Scrum@Scale exam, you will receive a Certified Scrum@Scale®Practitioner certificate.
You can claim up to 16 Scrum Alliance Scrum Education Units® (SEU’s) and/or up to 16 PMI PDUs.


Who Should Attend?

Executives and managers
Product Owners
Project Managers
Scrum Masters
Agile Coaches
Others interested in scaling Scrum across the organization at all levels

Even if you are already on a transformation journey, the Scrum@Scale framework will, due it's non-prescriptive nature, be a very helpful add-on. Scrum@Scale helps asking the organization the right questions, and provides guidance through twelve components with defined inputs, purposes and outputs. The specific implementation of the components will depend on your specific organization and context.

Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen, 
Peter Fischbach, Common Sense Team & Scrum Events 

Carsten and Peter are both Certified Scrum at Scale Trainers, CSaST.
Duration: 2 days from 9.00 am to 5 pm

tirsdag, 22. oktober 2019, MBK, Certified Scrum at Scale Practitioner by Carsten Ruseng Jakobsen at MBK in Copenhagen

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