Advanced Kubernetes Application Development - Aarhus, Aarhus, onsdag, 20. november 2019

One-day hands-on training
This course is for Kubernetes users who want to extend their skills towards building and deploying applications on Kubernetes using CI/CD. The course will primarily teach you how to create a container-based CI/CD pipeline for an application, whilst also covering writing Helm charts and monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana.
We highly recommend combining this course with a one-day training on Kubernetes Fundamentals. It’s always a good idea to review your basics.

onsdag, 20. november 2019, Aarhus, Advanced Kubernetes Application Development - Aarhus

TAPAS Hackathon

TAPAS Hackathon

fredag 22. november 2019
First Class Trouble - Alpha weekend

First Class Trouble - Alpha weekend

lørdag 23. november 2019
Social Media Trends 2020
mandag 25. november 2019
Google Analytics with Alphaweb
lørdag 07. december 2019
Automation User Group Meeting 2
torsdag 30. januar 2020
Calligraphy + Yoga
søndag 24. november 2019
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